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Prehistoric Forest and Mystery Hill, Marblehead, OhioPrehistoric Forest & Mystery Hill

Are you someone who loves to get into a time machine and travel back to the pre historic period? To take time and walk in the land of where the Dinosaurs ruled? Or is it the life and work of a paleontologist that intrigues you to have some hands-on experience of what they do and how they do it?

Maybe you would love to experience the feeling when the gravity stops working and has no effect on you, or a pendulum refuses to move backward and forward except for just moving towards the south?

If all this is what intrigues and makes your heart run faster, we know just the place for you. Prehistoric Forest and Mystery Hill are a synergetic fusion of two parks that would make your mind go wild and itís located very close to South Beach Resort.

If we are to start with the Prehistoric Forest; itís a place relocated in time where the dinosaurs roamed about freely, had its young and lived as a community. Its setting is placed next to a ďjust about to eruptĒ volcano in a vast ten acre forest. You could feel and hear the dinosaurs roaming around in a distance so, keeping an eye open for all sorts of surprises as you past the thirty feet foot awesome water fall is what you should do. The passageway is through a volcano, walking under a thundering waterfall where a serpent defends his coat. The remnants and very old creatures will be waiting to receive you to their kingdom. Millions of years ago, these splendid creatures roamed the very earth you are standing on. If you are lucky, donít be surprised if you stumble upon bones or eggs of dinosaurs and even a Pterodactyl. And no, thatís not where the epic journey back in time comes to a stop. There are more adventures, like you could actually go enter the digging sites located within the 10 acres of land and collect your own fossils and bones hunt tracking through woodlands, with stunning colorful fauna and foliage, and exceptional trees.

It is no time for relaxing! You might just come across a T-REX wanting to befriend you. Donít forget to have your picture taken in front of the Mastodon so you can prove to skeptics that you went through a forest filled with dinosaurs. (The path through the woods is a pavement and there is information about the history of the dinosaurs.) Donít you ever wish to see many life-size dinosaurs like, Triceratops and T-Rex and some other strange creatures, either? Most exciting is the addition of a new dinosaur to the forest, every year!

Once you are done with the encounter with the prehistoric adventure, your journey moves in to a different route right next to you. Mystery Hill takes you on a unique journey that gives you a sensation of being somewhere out of this world, beyond your explanation.

ďMystery HillĒ is renowned for its limestone dig out. Sometime back, this location was a center of limestone excavation and export, accounting for production in tons every year. One of these areas of the pit was never excavated or rather was stopped as workers began to complain of strange things occurring in the area such as bizarre and unusual events.

Around the year 1953, a building was constructed on this site on a piece of land which experienced the weird senses of gravity. Dear old gravity seemed to take a life of its own, or rather taken a vacation from the area. Itís something that one has to experience himself, because itís not every day that you see, water flowing in an UPWARD DIRECTION, up a hill. And at the whirlpool you would have a chance of seeing some mind baffling things, as well. Itís definitely a ďmYSteRy JoUrneYĒ that you should experience yourself, rather than reading about it.

Prehistoric Forest and Mystery Hill, Marblehead, OhioHas all the mystery and Jurassic era worn you out? Well maybe itís time to take a short break and spend some relaxing time at the recreational area. How about a game of water balloons, or Mini golf? There is always the fun house and the Unique Gift shop to visit too! Water Wars are one of the best activities around. So are ready to face up to the challenge to see who the best shot is? Whatís more? Your whole family can have tender memories of who opened water balloons with the most accurateness and momentum. Mom versus dad; kids versus parents; girls versus boys; what an explosionÖÖa water explosion!!!!

Miniature Golf eighteen holes in shady woods, neighboring to Mystery Hill, is another pit stop for all you adventure lovers. If you thought water behaved unsteadily on the hill, you should see what happens to a golf ball when you get near those areas. Can you beat the strange forces at work on the path?

There is a lot to do in this little piece of land. Tickets are about $12.45 for adults and $10.45 for kids, which include both parks and the recreational area facilities. Simply put, Prehistoric Forest and Mystery Hill is a totally awesome recreation and wonderful family getaway. So donít miss out on this fun retreat as you stay at South Beach Resort.

For further details on Prehistoric Forest and Mystery Hill, you can always go onto their official website at http://www.mysteryhill.com/

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