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Kelley's Island OhioKelley’s Islands

Not far from steeping off of the ferry, your adventure at Kelley’s Islands begin. In a short time of 20 minutes on the beautiful and calm blue waters with a soft and gentle breeze blowing, you reach the lush greenery on this charming and warm island, a location that is any person’s dream spot for a perfect get-away. Kelley’s Island is found on the western side of Lake Erie north of Marblehead, and about 12 miles from Sandusky. It is also just right next to the Canadian border. Although it is considered the biggest fresh water Island in Lake Erie belonging to the Americans, in size it’s not more than 5 square miles.

The attractions on the islands are numerous, but the most welcoming nature would be its calm serenity and tranquility.

It is home to the Glacial Grooves, the biggest State memorial of its kind, and quite correct in saying one of the most magnificent of glacial grooves in the world.

Walk the boundary of this international study site to see its 400 by 35 foot dimensional slice of prehistoric glacial grooves weathered into indigenous limestone rock layer by the expansion almost 30,000 years ago. The Glacial Grooves State Memorial is the largest and most amazing pattern of glacial grooves left in the whole world. Walk the boundary of this international study location to view a 400 foot by 35 foot wide piece of prehistoric icy grooves wrinkled into native limestone solid rock by the expansion of the Wisconsin glacier 30,000 years ago.

There is an Inscription Rock as a state memorial, with Cryptogram of the island’s period as an Indian hunting land. Believed to be dated as far back as 300 to 400 years ago, this is a limestone rock on the south shore of the Island contains cryptograms of animals, birds and men.

You could also get yourself a tour of the Kelley’s mansion. A three story beauty with a widow’s walk built in the 1860’s by Addison Kelley believed to be the co-founder of the Island. There are many unique characteristics of the Mansion, from its free standing spiral staircase to the rose tinted crystal windows and remarkable woodworks. Tours require a small donation, which is used to fund its maintenance.

Kelley's Island OhioBeing the Walleye capital, you could delight yourself by fishing from different piers or boats. There are no pier preparations and arrangements that are required; there are endless shops which sells supplies and licenses. They also will guide you in all angler requisites, showing you all the hot spots.

Steady lake breezes and tiny waves give ideal weather setting is also the ideal location and sweet spot for all who love the power gadgets on the water, a place where you can have loads of fun with power boats and jet skiing. Also the ship wreck grave ward from the 1700-1800 is great fun and excitement for all those snorkeler and scuba divers. .

The updated Kelley’s Island State Park provides a sandy beach along the North Bay, a stone dock for fishing, a free double boat access ramp, trailer parking, and 129 sheltered camping sites, (no reservations). Group, individual camp sites, and pet sites are available. There is no electric or water hookups to individual sites. Several central shower houses are positioned throughout the park.

The Island also gives you a great experience in viewing all the unique birds which are found in the plentiful. The heron, egrets and occasional osprey and eagles are a wonderful sighting. There are also many migratory birds that could be spotted on a seasonal basis. Many come to see the Monarch butterflies that gorge on milk weed in September as they move to Mexico for the migratory season.

Kelley’s Island is one of the gate ways used by hundreds of migrating birds to fly across Lake Erie. This island has a large 600 acres of state park and 17 miles of shoreline that is makes your get away just that more special. This makes it a definite option for a beautiful and wonderful nature camping site or just a family outing.

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