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Glacial Grooves, Kelley's Island OhioGlacial Grooves

Does nature seem to baffle you? Do you ever wonder about how nature has this extraordinary way of bringing beauty to form? Well if you are close to nature in your heart, there is an amazing place that you need to visit from your stay at the South Beach resort.

Itís non other than the Glacial Grooves! Itís found in the northern side of the Kelleyís Island and one of the most accessible in the world. Its exact location is Kelleyís Island, Erie County, in Lake Erie 8 miles north of Sandusky. If the directions seem too complicated for you, you can let a calm ferry ride to carry you there as ferries depart from Marblehead and Sandusky.

Glacial Grooves, Kelley's Island OhioThe specialty of Glacial Grooves is owed to the solid limestone bedrock that has been carved out by nature more than 18,000 years ago. Today a trough of 400 feet long and about 35 feet wide stands to show its inescapable evidence of existence. Its historical importance lies in the Devonian Lime stone which contains these grooves bearing marine fossils that can be dated back to 350 to 400 million years. The admission to the Glacial Groove is totally free although now itís well protected with fencing marked as a National Natural Landmark. A walkway and stairs permits a good view to visitors.

This wonderful natural landmark is open all year around during daylight hours, so itís a Ďmust-visití location while you enjoy your dream vacation at South Beach Resort.

For further details on Glacial Grooves you can look up their official website at http://ohsweb.ohiohistory.org/places/nw08/index.shtml

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